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Journal of Engineering and Technology Research

2014 : VOLUME 2 : ISSUE 2

Water Cycle Algorithm For Solving Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem

K. Lenin [1], Dr.B.Ravindranath Reddy[2] ,Dr.M.Surya Kalavathi[3]
Page No. 1-11

Multi-parametric study of sizes of dielectric barrier discharge setup and its effects on engineering of low temperature plasma jets

N.Jomaa, M. Yousfi[1], O. Eichwald, N.Merbahi
Page No. 12-29

Restoration of Automated Video Enhancement in Image Processing

Suganya Devi. K[1] , Selvamani. K[2],Jayaraj .S[3]
Page No. 30-36

Enhanced Mutual Aid Packet Delivery in Wireless Infrastructureless Networks

Prof. S.Krishnamoorthy[1],M.Punithavalli[2]
Page No. 37-45

Optimizing the Energy by Using BMS& HVAC System

Zubair Ahmed[1a], Ashfaq Ahmad[1b], Fahad Farooq[2a], M.Shafiq[1c], Zain Anwar Ali[2b]
Page No. 46-52

Quantitative Analysis of the Digital Elevation Models Generated with IDW Algorithm of Changing Power

Fahmy F. F. Asal
Page No. 53-64

Research on Hogging Process of Crankshafts With Five Rod Journals Because of Fillets Stamping

Professor Valery Emelyanov
Page No. 65-69

Prediction of Compressive Strength of Concrete with a Skewed Pattern- Application of Artificial Neural Network Approach

A. Rahman[1a], M. Hadiuzzaman[2], Ajit K. Majumder[3], M. N. Uddin[4]
Page No. 70-80

Comparative Analysis of IDW and Spline in Generation of Digital Elevation Models from Airborne LiDAR in Bare Lands

Fahmy F. F. Asal
Page No. 81-92

Fuzzy Logic Controlled Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Tayyab Waqar[1], Mustafa Demetgül[2]
Page No. 93-100