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Fuzzy Logic Controlled Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Tayyab Waqar[1], Mustafa Demetgül[2]
Page No. 93-100


The main aim of this paper is to successfully develop an intelligent vacuum cleaner, which can
control its suction power and vary it according to the size, quantity and type of the trash to be
picked, with the help of fuzzy logic. Type, size, quantity of trash and type of surface are input
quantities which are to be sensed by the system. Depending on those sensed information, system
decides the percentage of suction power to be used; which is the output quantity of the system. In
total, 112 rules are formed which produces adequate results. The total outcome will be the
intelligent consumption of power which results in reductions in electric bills.
Key words:- Intelligent suction control, Rule based Fuzzy logic, Surface detection Vacuum cleaner

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