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Optimizing the Energy by Using BMS& HVAC System

Zubair Ahmed[1a], Ashfaq Ahmad[1b], Fahad Farooq[2a], M.Shafiq[1c], Zain Anwar Ali[2b]
Page No. 46-52


The main objective of this research is to minimize the usage of Electrical Energy by using BMS
(Building Management System) & HVAC (Heating Ventilating &Air Conditioner System) and
control the consumption of electric power by installing a suitable system in buildings like offices,
universities & also for the residency apartments. On the other hand PLC (Programmable Logic
Controller) is used as a backbone Controller of system in which Schneider PLC and software Twido
Suite is used for testing and simulating all the values of sensors. The result shows that system can
work successfully in the environment and capable of optimizing the energy.
Key Words : HVAC, BMS, Energy Optimization

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