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Restoration of Automated Video Enhancement in Image Processing

Suganya Devi. K[1] , Selvamani. K[2],Jayaraj .S[3]
Page No. 30-36


The new approach is proposed in this paper capable of restoring a single high-quality image from a
given image sequence distorted by atmospheric turbulence To correct geometric distortion and
reduce space and time-varying blur, This approach reduces the space and time-varying deblurring
problem to a shift invariant one. Next, a temporal regression process is carried out to produce an
image from the registered frames, which can be viewed as being convolved with a space invariant
near-diffraction-limited blur. Blind deconvolution problems arise in many image restoration
applications. Most available blind deconvolution methods are iterative. A novel non-iterative blind
deconvolution method. Finally, contrast enhancement is applied. We further propose a learningbased
metric specifically for image quality assessment in the presence of atmospheric distortion. A
novel non-iterative blind deconvolution algorithm is implemented to remove diffraction-limited blur
from the fused image to generate the final output. Experiments using controlled and real data
illustrate that this approach is capable of alleviating geometric deformation and space-time varying
blur caused by turbulence, recovering unprecedented details of the scene and significantly
improving visual quality.
Key Words : High Quality image, Blind Deconvolution, Visual Quality

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