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Journal of Applied Chemistry

2013 : VOLUME 1 : ISSUE 1

Evaluation of antioxidant activity of Sapindus saponaria L. leaves and phytochemical profile

Khaled N. Rashed
Page no. 1-4

Exciton states in Quasi - Zero - Dimensional Semiconductor Nanostruсtures: Theory

Sergey I. Pokutnyi1, Vladimir P. Dzyuba2, Yuriy N. Kulchnin2, Valentine A. Milichko 3
Page no. 5-17

The Effect of Newly Prepared Cleansing Agent on The Color property of High Impact Acrylic Denture Base Material

Amer A. Taqa1 , Ammar Khalid AL-Noori2, Hasan K. Mohialdeen2
Page no. 18-22

Effect of contact temperature rises during sliding on the wear resistance of Al-FeAl3 based Intermetallic composite

Sanjay Srivastava1
Page no. 23-43

Superatoms in quasi – zero – dimensional  nanostructures

Sergey I. Pokutnyi1, Petr P. Gorbyk2
Page no. 44-47

Size quantization Stark effect in nanosystems

Sergey I. Pokutnyi1, Oksana V. Naumenko2
Page no. 48-51

Spectroscopy of positronium in nanomaterials

Andrey P.Gorbyk1 , Sergey I. Pokutnyi
Page no. 52-63

Study of the Cytotoxic effect of a Novel Ampicillin ZnO Nanocomposite Against Myeloma Cell Lines

Zahira S. Tawfik,a Abdelfattah M. Badawi,b Ibrahim Y. Abdel-Ghany,C Zizi I. Abdeen* b
Page no. 64-72

Effect of the Preparation Method on the Structure and Properties of the Layered Calcium Cobaltate

Irina V. Matsukevich, Andrey I. Klyndyuk
Page no. 73-84

Structure and Properties of the Ln’0,5Ln”0,5BaCuFeO5+ð(Ln’, Ln” – REE) Solid Solutions

Andey I. Klyndyuk, Yekaterina A. Chizhova
Page no. 85-90

Antioxidant activity of Schinopsis balansae Engl. leaves and phytochemical content

Khaled N. Rashed
Page no. 91-94