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Journal of Applied Chemistry

2014 : VOLUME 2 : ISSUE 2

Thermal Expansion and Electrical Conductivity of the Nd1–xSmxBa2–ySryCu3O7–d Cuprates Solid Solutions at Elevated Temperatures

Andrey I. Klyndyuk[1], Alexander A. Savitsky[2]

Page no. 1-10

Removal of Refractory Contaminants Wastewater Using Biological Treatment Followed by Photocatalytic

Eman A. Emam[1], S.-U. Geissen[2] ,A. Vogelpohl[3]

Page no. 11-21

Local electron states in ellipsoidal semiconductor nanosystems in homogeneous magnetic fieldThis is some sample text.

Sergey I. Pokutnyi

Page no. 22-30

Bioactivity of Active Extracts of The Root And Stem Bark of (Detarium microcarpum)

H.M. Adamu[1], O.A.Ushie[2] B. D.Longbap[2] ,R.J Kuburat and U. Lawal [2]

Page No. 31-39

Phytochemical Screening of (chrysophyllum albidum) Leaf Extracts

O.A.Ushie[1] ,H.M. Adamu[2] ,O.J. Abayeh[2] ,I.Y. Chindo[2] ,U. Lawal[1]
Page No. 40-46

Biomass Based Organic Rankine Cycle: Thermodynamic Modeling for 20 kW Power Output Electricity Using R227ea and Toluene as Working Fluids

Suresh Baral

Page No. 47-54

Preconcentration trace amount Co(II) by carbon nanotubes in water samples and determination it by FAAS

Ali Moghimi

Page No. 55-64

Anti-Radical Potentiality of The Extract Methanolique of The Bark of a Plant Used in Tradtional Medicine in Cote D’ivoire : FICUS EXASPERATA (MORACEAE)

Didier MOUHO, Zana OUATTARA, Hervé ZABRI[1]
Page no. 65-71

Studies on Mechanical Properties of ABS – NYLON 66 POLYBLENDS

Mahendra sinh M Raj
Page no. 72-76

Green Chemistry; Sustainablity An Innovative Approach
(Green Chemistry and Sustainability)

Alok Singh[1], Savita Singh[1a], Neetu Singh[2]
Page no. 77-82