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Journal of Applied Chemistry

2014 : VOLUME 2 : ISSUE 1

Quasi – zero – dimensional nanostructures: Excitonic quasimolecules

Sergey I. Pokutnyi[1], Petr P. Gorbyk[2]
Page No. 1-4

Synthesis of benzothiazole derivatives catalyzed by Zinc triflate

R. Srinivasulu[1], K. Ravi Kumar[2] , P.V.V Satyanarayana[3a], B. Hari Babu[3b]
Page No. 5-9

Batch-Wise Tungstate Removal From Water On A Surfactant-Modified Zeolite

Vandana Swarnkar[1], Nishi Agrawal[2], Priya pawaiya[2a], Radha Tomar[3]
Page No. 10-12

Expedient Degradation of Dye Methyl Green by Enhanced Photo – Fenton
Process : A Green Chemical Approach

Jain Abhilasha[1a], Aggarwal Ashma[2] , Kotwal Marazban[3]
Page No 13-25

Synthesis and Characterization of ZrO2 nanoparticles in ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-
methylimidazodium trifluoromethanesulfonate [EmimTfO]

Ayi A. Ayi[1] , Chinyere A. Anyama[2], Samuel S. Etuk[3]
Page No. 26-32

Kinetics of Nonbranched-Chain Addition Processes with Competing
Reactions of 1:1 Adduct Radicals

Michael M. Silaev
Page No. 33-62

Synthesis & Structural Correlation with UV Absorption Maxima of
Some Novel Hexamethine Quinaldine Asycyanine Colorants

Ansari A.S. [1a], Ali, I[2], Haque, M.W[1b] , Khan , M.H [1c] ,Narayan, B[3]
Page No.  63-70

Rare earths complexes of single arm N – aryl Schiff base ligand

Khalil Khalaf Abid[1], Sadeem Mohammad Al-Barody[1a] , Haslina Ahmad[2]
Page No. 71-81

Comparatively Study of Polymer and Regular Coagulant for
Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Ronak Desai[1] ,Omprakash Sahu[2]
Page No. 82-91

Theoretical Approach on structural aspects of antiepileptic agent indoline-2,3-
dione-3-oxime by arguslab 4 software

K. Laxmi
Page No. 92-101

Crystal Structure and Electrotransport Properties of LaBa1–xMxCuFeO5+ð(M –
Sr, Ca, Mg) Solid Solutions at High Temperatures

Andrey I. Klyndyuk
Page No. 102-108

Flow Analysis in the Core of Pebble Bed High Temperature
Gas-Cooled Reactor

AndréAugusto Campagnole dos Santos, Amir Zacarias Mesquita[1], Franklin Candido Costa,Sincler Peixoto de Meireles, and Hugo Cesar Rezende
Page No. 109-127

β-Cyclodextrin catalyzed synthesis of 2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene malononitrile derivatives in water

Mehdi Abaszadeh[1], Mohammad Seifi[2]
Page No. 128-131

Synthesis of Schiff and Mannich bases of isatin derivatives and isatin hydrazones using ultrasonic irradiation in the presence of PEG–SO3H

Mehdi Abaszadeh[1], Mohammad Seifi[2]
Page No. 132-137

Determination of Organic Pollutants in Water Samples along the Course of River Jakara and River Rafin Malam in Kano State – Nigeria

Y. Mohammed[1], A. Ekevwe[2]
Page No. 138-143

The antioxidant content in different dietary item used in Nepal

Ranjit thakur[1],Indu singh[2],kamlesh yadav[3],khim khadka[4],sweta khanals[5]
Page No. 144-152