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Journal of Engineering and Technology Research

2014 : VOLUME 2 : ISSUE 3

Calculating Raman spectra of Graphene oxide through Hartree Fock Method

Rashid Nizam1,
Page No. 1-14

Creation and Evaluation of Digital Elevation Models from Ground Surveying Measurements

Fahmy F. F. Asal
Page No. 15-29

Developing a New Vibration Analysis Calculative Method for Esfahan Subway Train and Railways Design, Manufacturingand Construction

Omid A. Zargar
Page No. 30-40

Grading Using Website Contents of Universities

Dr. Sunita S. Padmannavar[1] , Dr. Milind J. Joshi[2]
Page No. 41-49

Simultaneous Scheduling of Machines and AGVs in Flexible Manufacturing System by Using Particle Swarm Vehicle Heuristic Algorithm

Medikondu Nageswararao[1] K.NarayanaRao[2] ,G.RanagaJanardhana[3]
Page No. 50-57

Design And Analysis of Sub-Harmonic PWM Techniques For A Nine Level Modular Multilevel Inverter

Dr.R.Seyezhai[1] ,Sudarshan V.J.[2], Sunil Kumar M.[3] , Venkat Brama Vignash S[4].
Page No. 58-65