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Journal of Applied Science And Research

2014 : VOLUME 2 : ISSUE 4

Renal involvement in the catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome 

Nadir Zemraoui [1a], Amine Benjelloun [2], Amr Maoujoud [3], Marouane Belarbi [1b], AhmedAlayoud [1c], Rachid Seddiki [4], Hassan Qacif [5]
Page No. 1-6

An unusual location of cutaneous tuberculosis in the child: The pinna

N.Errami[1], A.Benjelloun[2a], B.Hemmaoui[2b], A.Jahidi[2c] , S.Ouraini[2d], H.Temsamani[2e] ,F.Benariba[2f]
Page No. 7-10

Epidemiology of Helicobacter Pylori among out Patients Visiting Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) Specialized Hospital,
Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

F.A. Kuta[1], O.M. Ijalana[2], D. Damisa[3],A.A Abdulrahman[4]
Page No. 11-13

Bipolar Disorder Association and Neuro-Behçet: What links?
About a clinical case BipolarDisorder and Neuro-Behçetdisease: What links? A case report

A. Benali[1], F. Oueriagli[2], A. Laffinti[3], I. Adali[4], F. Manoudi[5], F. Asri[6]
Page No. 14-17

Intestinal parasitic infections in adults in Marrakech: review of 7 years Intestinal parasitic in adult at Marrakech: review of 7 years

El Mezouari E[1a], Belhamri N[2a], Lamrani H. A[1b], Kaddouri M[2b], Zyani M[2c], Qacif H[2d], Moutaj R[1c]
Page No. 18-24

Collection Development Policy and Selection Criteria for E-Resources: Indian Perspective

Hiteshkumar Chauhan[1], Pinkesh Dave[2]
Page No. 25-31

Rhabdomyolyse secondaire à la prise de cocaïne : A propos d’un cas Rhabdomyolysis after taking cocaine: about a case

Nadir Zemraoui [1a], Said Kaddouri [2], Marouane Belarbi [1b], Ahmed Alayoud [1c], Rachid Seddiki [3], Aziz Rbaibi [4].
Page No. 32-36

Surgical treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic hemodialysis

Esqalli. Imane [1a], Knidiri. Hafssa [1b], Chettati .Meriem [1c], Bouzendoufa. Btissam [2a], Fadili.Wafaa [1d], Youssef. Rochdi[2b], Raji.Mohammed [2c], Laouad. Inass [1e]
Page No. 37-43

Renal disease in a retroperitoneal fibrosis

Nadir Zemraoui [1a], Said kaddouri [2a], Marouane Belarbi [1b], Ahmed Alayoud [1c], Omar Ghoundale [3], Mohammed Asseraji [4a], Omar Maoujoud [4b].
Page No. 44-49