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Journal of Applied Science And Research

2014 : VOLUME 2 : ISSUE 1

Modification to the matrix method for the direct and inverse problems of

Anastasiia Pavlova
Page No. 1-10

An Eye-Bird View of Facing Scarcity of Gold Mining in Indonesia

Ukar W. Soelistijo1 , Binarko Santoso2, Triswan Suseno3
Page No. 11-29

Quality of Ground-based WeatherRadar Observationsof Rainfall over the
Water Board District Regge and Dinkel of the Netherlands

Terence Darlington Mushore
Page No. 30-42

The Impact of Rainfall on Flood Experienced by Bangladesh
In 2008

Suraiya Begum[1], Md. Mozammel Haque Sarker[2] , Dr. Md. Mahmudur
Page No. 43-49

Prevalence’s of Undernourishment and It’s Associated Factors of Children
among 6-59 Months Age in Guto Gida District, East Wollega Zone, Oromia,

Alemu Adeba[1], Sileshi Garoma[2], Habtamu Fekadu[2a], Wondu Garoma[2]
Page No. 50-72

Deep imaging probes premature diabetes mellitus

Alok Singh[1a], Savita Singh[1b], Pradeep Kumar Singh[2]
Page No. 73-81

Taxonomy and Medicinal Uses on Acanthaceae Family of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

A. H. M. Mahbubur Rahman[1], M. Wahida Afsana[2], A.K.M. Rafiul Islam[3]
Page No. 82-93

ELASTOFIBROMA DORSI: a rare soft tissue tumor, with a pathognomonic
anatomical location, clinical and imaging: About 4 cases

Redouane. Roukshi[1], M.Elabdi[2], E. Athmane[1a], A. Mouhsine[1b], A. El Fikri[1c] , M.
Mahfoudi [1d]
Page No. 94-100

Importance of Ecological Research in Biodiversity Conservation- a short article

Chintan Pathak[1], Hiren C. Mandalia[2a]
Page No. 101-102

Determination of Quality Control of Fresh Salads in IBB City, Yemen

Qais Nogaim[1], Ahmed AL-Sabri , Ahmed AL-Sofyani , Bassam AL-Asali , Liban Issa Isak
,Saddam AL-Asali
Page No. 103-111

Effects of gender, education and age on the adoption of agricultural technologies
in Ashanti, Northern and Eastern regions of Ghana.

Emmanuel Asiedu-Darko
Page No. 112-118

Rice Industry Waste as Wastewater Treatment

Salman Mo. Tabani[1] , Omprakash Sahu[2]
Page No. 119-127

Socio-environmental Benefits of Biogas Production in Rural Areas of Rangpur
District, Bangladesh

Md. Monzer Hossain Sarker[1], Md. Abdur Razzaque[1],Tamanna Hossen[1], M. Tajuddin
Sikder[1a], A. K. Majumder[2]
Page No. 128-135

A Comparative Analytical Investigation of Airborne Palynomorphs within
Kogi State University Teaching Hospital, Anyigba, Nigeria.

Essien[1], B. C., Agwu[2], C. O. C. , [3]Taiga, A.
Page No. 136-142

Analysis of Heavy Metals in Sludge and Bottom Ash from a Pharmaceutical

Meraj Ahsan Qureshi [1], Sarah Shakeel[2]
Page No. 143-157

Unusual presentation of human listeriosis: A clinical microbiologists’ insight

K V Ramana
Page No. 158-160

A Study on Health Care Waste Management in Some Selected Hospitals of
Dhaka City

Nusrat Rezwana Binte Razzak[1], Subrata Chowdhury[2] , Farhana Chowdhury[3]
Page No. 161-168

Appetite and nutritional status of chronic hemodialysis patients

Marouane Belarbi[1], Mohamed Reda El-farouki[2], Nadir Zemraoui[1a], Mohammed Asserraji[3]
Page No. 169-174

Flow-bed interactions analysis and application of automatic close range digital photogrammetric survey in a laboratory flume

Donatella Termini[1], Mauro Lo Brutto[2]
Page No. 175-189 

Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Activity Screening of Indigofera Australis

Oko, Augustine Okpani
Page No. 190-196

Heavy Metals Impact on Irrigated Vegetable Food Crops Consumed in Zaria

1,3*Yebpella G.G., 1,3A..M. Magomya; 1R. Odoh; 2U.U. Udiba; 1E. A. Kamba; 3I. Gandu,1
Page No. 197-204

Study On Post Production Arun LNG Refinery Utilization
as LNG Receving Terminal And Regasification
Upon Local Economy

Alisastromijoyo[1], Ukar W. Soelistijo[2], Aryo P. Wibowo[1a]
Page No. 205-229