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Novel Approach to Fuzzy Logic controller based Hybrid Solar/Micro Hydro/Biomass Generation, A Real time analysis ( Barsoma Village, Ethiopia.)

Mr.Melaku Matewos Hailemariam[1*], B. Mr.Tefera Mekonnen.[2] , C. Dr .Hadadi Sudheendra[3]
Page No. 25-36


This research paper deals with the Fuzzy Logic Controller based hybrid solar/Micro-hydro/Biomass
power generation system for Barsoma village. This deals with the design, analysis, and
simulation. The study area has on average 5.4kwh/m2/d solar radiation, minimum flow rate of 4.06m3/s and
30MT per day coffee husk production. There are generally three types of loads (household,
commercial and industrial) with total electric demand of 80KW. To satisfy this demand 30%, 40%
and 30% is assumed to be contributed from Solar/Micro-hydro/Bio-mass respectively to produce
27KW from Solar system 96 modules, 305w panels having 38.4m2, area and 4.6kwh/m2/d solar
insulation is required for Micro-hydro to produce 36KW, 1.0m3/s flow rate, 8.1m head, 50%
efficiency and 0.6m weir length, 2.0 canal area, 103m penstock length is taken. To produce
27KW from Bio-mass system, only 10% of the annual coffee husk production (10,651.896 MT) is
used. The fluidizing velocity, coffee husk feed rate, gas flow rate, gasifier height and gasifier crosssectional
area are calculated as 0.5m/s, 21.6kg/h, 0.01Nm3/s, 2.1m and 0.02m2 respectively. To use
the power economically, Fuzzy Logic Controller is used. The controller monitors the demand and
the available sources, and then switches appropriate power supply according to the written rules.
The components of the hybrid system are modeled in Matlab / Simulink. The simulation results
clearly explains and gives an idea about how the controller can supply the intended power
demand in different cases, i.e, the output power from controller is varying from 0.1 p.u to 0.95 p.u
to satisfy the electric demand of consumer .
Keywords: Bio-mass, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Gasification, Hybrid, Insulation , Matlab /
Simulink, Micro-Hydro and Solar energy.

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