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Journal of Engineering and Technology Research

2013 : VOLUME 1 : ISSUE 1

100 mA – is it safe?

Tomasz Dlugosz
Page no. 1-6

Influence Of The Control Unit Generation On Exhaust Emission In A Vehicle

Radoslaw Wrobel1, PawełUrbanowicz , Tomasz Długosz , Marcin Tkaczyk1
Page no. 7-15

Use of Expansive soil with Rice Husk Ash and lime for Rammed Earth Constructions

Dhaval Patel2 , Abhijitsinh Parmar1
Page no. 16-21

Remote System Accessing and Network Security Using Efficient Experimental Techniques

Er. Asim Ahmad1, Er. Avadhesh Kumar Maurya2,Prof. (Dr.) Vishwa Nath Maurya2
Page no. 22-41

Test Maturity Model Integrated Technique for Enhancement of Software Testing Process in Organizations

Maurya Vishwa Nath1, Maurya Avadhesh Kumar2, Singh Dibyanshu3, Priyadarshi Anurag3, Anand Gaurav3, Ateeq Nida3
Page no. 42-56

Stone Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Of Sub grade in Saline Condition using Lime And Fly Ash As a Case Study: Bhavnagar-Dholera State Highway No- 6

Abhijitsinh Parmar1, Sandeep Khorasiya2, Mr Vismay J shah3
Page no. 57-64

Enhancement of Power Quality by an application of DVR

Prashant Kumar1, A. B.Kumbhar2, M.B. Shelar1 Author Y.R Atre2*
Page no. 65-71

Evaluating Performance based on QoS and Resource Management between Virtual Machines for Cloud Platform

Praveen S.M
Page no. 72-78

Load Settlement Behavior Of Footings On Weak Soil Improved By Floating Granular Piles

Basuony M. El-Garhy
Page no. 79-93

Voltage stability Enhancement and power oscillation damping using static synchronous series compensator with SMES

A. A. Malgave1 , M.B. Shelar2 and A.M. Mulla*
Page no. 94-99

5S Strategy: A workplace improvement lean tool

R. A. Pasale1, Prof. J. S. Bagi2
Page no. 100-107

Voice Recognition System for Improving Coordination of Emergency Services Work

Piotr Kubiak
Page no. 108-111

Plasma assisted catalyst for NOx remediation from lean gas exhaust

Ahmed Khacef1*, Patrick Da Costa2, Gérald Djéga-Mariadassou3
Page no. 112-122

Atmospheric cold plasmas for biofilm inactivation: does biofilm extracellular matrix limit the bactericidal process?

Marchal F1, Robert H2, Seyer 3, Merbahi N1, Randrianjatovo I2, Fontagné-Faucher C2, Di Martino P3, Yousfi M1, Neuhauser E2
Page no. 123-135