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Journal of Applied Chemistry

2014 : VOLUME 2 : ISSUE 5

Analysis of Major Ion Constituents in Groundwater of Amassoma and Environs, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

E. Oborie[1] , H.O Nwankwoala[2]
Page No. 1-13

Aflatoxins M1 and M2 in Dairy Products

Dr. Qais Abdullah Nogaim
Page No. 14-25

Virtual Screening of Molecular Properties and Bioactivity Score of compounds present in tephrosia purpurea plant

Dr (mrs).G.Valli[1], M.Anusuya[2] , R.Perlina[3]
Page No 34-42

Definition dimensions semiconductor quantum dots of new optical method in nanogeterostructures

Sergey I. Pokutnyi[1], Petr P. Gorbyk[2], Kostyantyn A. Chornyi[3],Nikolay F. Zhovnir[4]
Page No. 43-45