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Academic early warning based on the behavior analysis in YCTU

XU Xuede1*, Wang xingyu2, Leng yu2, Zhu shuhan2, SHAO Qiannan3, JIANG Qiuyang3, TENG Yao4, PAN Yixuan5
Page No. 1-7


In the process of the popularization of higher education from popularization to popularization, in order to strengthen the construction of style of study and improve the quality of talent training, the academic early warning mechanism arises at the right moment. Starting from the current situation, connotation and significance of academic early warning in universities, this paper expounds the implementation process and support system of academic early warning mechanism, and discusses the existing problems and improvement direction of the current academic early warning mechanism, so as to further improve the education quality and teaching management level of higher education in China.
Key words: behavioral data; precision education; combination optimization; stage early warning

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