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Inflammatory cloacogenic polyp of the anal canal: an unusual cause of rectal bleeding

K. Gharbi 1, Y. Elbrahmi 2
Page No. 1-3


Cloacogenic polyps are rare and benign inflammatory lesions located around the ano-rectal transition zone and can mimic neoplasia. We present the case of a 70-year-old man who consulted for rectorrhages and rectal syndrome, the proctological examination objectified a raspberry pedicle polyp 3 cm long delivered at the anal margin, a biopsy with pathological study confirmed the diagnosis of inflammatory cloacogenic polyp without dysplasia. Due to the potential for malignant transformation, the polyp was removed by endoscopy. Chronic inflammatory conditions such as crohn's disease and colorectal tumors are often associated. Total colonoscopy was performed without abnormalities.
Keywords: cloacogenic polyp, benign tumors, colonoscopy.

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