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Research on the academic warning for students with learning difficulties in Yancheng Teachers University

XU Xuede1, ZHANG Qiancheng2, Shen Qianhui2, Lu Shanjun2, Xu Ruyi2, Lu Yanyan2, Yang Zixuan2
Page No. 1-8


Over the years, higher education has made gratifying achievements in system building and school-running practice, but it has also exposed many problems that need to be solved urgently. Especially with the continuous advancement of the popularization process of higher education, the number of enrollments in universities continues to rise, and its structural problems are more prominent, and the emergence of a large number of students in difficulty has become a common problem in most universities. On the one hand, because universities mainly recruit students at the third-tier university and junior colleges level - students with low sections of the college entrance examination, the quality of students is relatively poor, and the teaching of talent training is difficult; On the other hand, compared with famous universities, the overall level of teachers in ordinary universities is obviously backward, resulting in a poor quality of education and teaching for a long time. In response to the above problems, many universities have taken active measures to change the learning difficulties caused by poor student quality and low teacher level, such as differentiated schooling, reshaping professional positioning, appropriately reducing the difficulty of scientific research, broadening employment channels and so on, and strive to cultivate various application-oriented talents by reducing the academic and scientific research requirements for some students, and changing the original educational goals of research-oriented talents. Although these measures have achieved good results, they have not fundamentally solved the key problem of learning difficulties of students in need, which not only does not effectively improve students' learning engagement, but also affects the overall training quality of the school. Through the reading and analysis of relevant literature, this study adopts questionnaire survey and other methods to deeply understand the academic situation of college students, analyzing the learning status of students with academic difficulties, analyzing the problems and causes of academic difficulties of students with academic difficulties, and then explore the construction of a set of academic early warning guarantee mechanism suitable for the needs of the university and apply the test in practice. In order to provide some reference for other universities to effectively improve the academic problems of students in need.
Keywords:colleges;students with learning difficulties;academic warning

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