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Research on the Path of Labor Education Practice Activities in the New Era - Taking Yancheng Normal College as an Example

Wang Dian1*, Du Ye2, Pan Wenjie3, Chen Peiyuan4, Liu Zihan5, Jiang Qiuyang6, Teng Yao5
Page No. 1-11


Labor education is an important part of the construction of higher education talent cultivation system, moreover, it is an objective need for colleges and universities to realize the fundamental task of cultivating people with moral character.This paper is an innovative study on the mode and practice of labor education in the newage university environment of Yancheng Normal College, where students have already acquired some theoretical knowledge of labor education through the course "Theory of Labor Education" in the first semester of their enrollment. In this project, we will establish the characteristics of the newage university, innovate the method of labor education in school, propose the requirements of the "Labor Education Practice" course for the university, and implement the "beautification, purification, and greening" of the campus as a serviceoriented labor education activity for the university. Physical labor is the main focus, and manual labor is also used, and the "physical labor + information technology" method is used flexibly to help students develop a correct concept of labor.
Keywords:  labor education, PU platform, Yancheng Normal College, practice     

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