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A Quasi Experimental Study To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Educational Package on Level of Knowledge And Attitude Regarding Child Abuse And its Prevention Among Children in Selected Schools at Madurai

Page No. 12-18


The study was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of planned teaching program on knowledge and attitude regarding child abuse and its prevention among children within the age group of 11 – 14 years in selected schools at Madurai. The pretest post test design was adopted. The non probability convenience sampling was used to collect the data from 60 samples using a structured questionnaire on knowledge and attitude regarding child abuse and its prevention, after getting consent a planned teaching program was given with the help of power point presentation and a post test was conducted. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data based on the objectives and hypothesis. In experimental group, with regard to effectiveness of Structured educational package, the knowledge of the children increased from mean pre test score 13.9 to mean post test score 17.1 .The difference between pre and post-test knowledge score was 3.2 and it was statistically significant at p<0.001 level. The attitude of the children improved from 23.2 to 39.1.The difference between pre and post test attitude score was 15.9 and it was statistically significant at p<0.001 level. It was observed that the Structured educational package plays a vital role in improving the knowledge and attitude of children regarding child abuse and its prevention. There was no significant association found between selected demographic variables such as age, occupation of father and mother, monthly income of the family, religion, type of family, habit of using media at 0.05 level.
Key Words: Child abuse, knowledge, attitude.

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