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Obesity Prevention Behavior among Adolescent Girls in Selected Arts and science, Engineering and Nursing Colleges.

Ms. Martina Susan K*, Dr. Nesa Sathya Satchi**, Dr. Latha Venkatesan*** 
Page No. 1-7


Adolescent obesity is considered one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. Globally, around one in 10 young people aged 5–17 years are overweight or obese; with levels increasing rapidly in many countries and regions in recent years. This study was conducted to assess the Obesity Prevention Behavior among Adolescent Girls in Selected Arts and Science, Engineering and Nursing Colleges, Chennai. Methods: A comparative study was conducted among Adolescent Girls using survey approach in Selected Arts and Science; Engineering and Nursing Colleges. Samples were selected in two phases (Phase I and Phase II). In phase one; the participants were selected using a total enumerative sampling method. All adolescent girls were screened for height, weight, and body mass index, and waist-hip ratio to identify the obese adolescent girls.  In phase two; all identified obese adolescent girls were included in the study. The identified adolescent girls were given the checklist to assess the obesity prevention behavior on physical activity, sleep behavior & dietary habits. Results: Three hundred adolescent girls were screened for obesity among them overall 33% of adolescent girls were obese in Arts and Science, Engineering, and Nursing colleges respectively. Study findings revealed that the mean and standard deviation of obesity prevention behavior was M=42.70, SD=3.909, M=43.94, SD= 2.977, M=42.97, SD=3.753 in Arts and Science, Engineering and Nursing colleges. Conclusion: The findings of the study revealed that adolescent girls had highly acceptable behavior in art and science, engineering, and nursing colleges.
Key Words: Obesity, Obesity Prevention Behavior, Adolescent Girls.

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