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Riverfront regeneration towards Sustainability of Nile in Cairo

Ass. Prof. Zeinab Feisal
Page No. 30-38


The riverfront regeneration has brought a new spirit to numerous cities in recent decades. Cities
use this development approach to create public spaces, upgrade slow systems, increase green areas,
and re-attract inhabitants and tourists to the waterfront. Such integrated landscape practices have
improved the local environment efficiently, provided residents with recreational opportunities,
alternative commuting routes, and raised the urban economic and social development. The Nile is
the cradle of Egyptian civilization and the main source of water. It has a significant ecological,
economic, cultural and touristic value. Cairo is a promising city when it comes to the regeneration
of the Nile riverfront, where potentials are unlimited. Cairo Nile riverfront areas suffer from several
problems such as water pollution, unplanned development, shortage of public green spaces and
lack of visual and physical accessibility. So, there is a need for comprehensive planning and
strategy to improve the ecology and environment of these regions. That leads to a positive impact on
the lives and health of inhabitants in the world's most populated city. The research aims to achieve
a clearer understanding of the potential of the riverfront regeneration in South Cairo in order to
bring the river back to the city. Accordingly, the first part of the research presented an overview of
waterfront regeneration as a global trend. Then, the influence of Waterfront regeneration in
sustainable development. The research study area was selected along the Nilefront in Cairo south to
the ring road. This study enabled to define the core problems of the selected area. Finally, the
research suggests a number of proposed solutions referring to some international successful
experiences and a set of recommendations for further development were displayed in the research.
Keywords : Riverfront, Regeneration, Nile, Ecology, Cairo

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