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Mimiesse-Monamou Jile Florient1 2, Ahoui-Apendi Clausina1 2, Mongo-Onkouo Arnaud1 2,
Ngalessami-Mouakosso Marlyse1, Itoua-Ngaporo Ngala Akoa1 2, Adoua Céline Sandra1, Atipo
Ibara Ollandzobo Lucie2 3 Atipo Ibara Blaise Irénée12, Deby- Gassaye1 2, Ibara Jean-Rosaire1 2
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INTRODUCTION: Upper gastrointestinal bleeding (HDH) is the most common emergency in the
hepatogastroenterologist. The objective was to study the epidemiological, clinical, endoscopic,
etiological, therapeutic and evolutionary profile of upper gastrointestinal haemorrhages in the
gastroenterology department of CHUB Brazzaville. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This was a
descriptive retrospective study from January 2014 to December 2016, a 2-year period, carried out
in the Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine department of the CHUB Brazzaville. The inclusion
criteria were patients of 16 and over, admitted for haematemesis and / or melena-type digestive
hemorrhage, clinically objectified and / or by acute anemia related to a lesion of the digestive tract.
high and having benefited from oeso-gastroduodenal fibroscopy. RESULTS: 84 patients were
included either a frequency of 3.59%. Fifty-two were men representing 61.9% of patients. The
average age was 37.22 ± 12.96. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were found in 57.14%.
Esophageal-duodenal fibroscopy (FOGD) was performed beyond the 48th hour in 65.47% of cases.
In 50% of cases indication hematemesis. The most common etiologies were peptic ulcer followed in
39.28% followed by rupture of oesophageal varices (OV) in 20.23%. In 90.09% of cases,
hemorrhagic ulcers were treated with proton pump inhibitor. No endoscopic or surgical
haemostasis was performed. Mortality and haemorrhagic recurrence were noted in respectively
14.28% and 8.33%. Conclusion: upper gastrointestinal bleeding occurs in young patients with male
predominance and half of these are hematemesis-positive. Their etiologies are dominated by
gastroduodenal ulcers and portal hypertension. The lack of endoscopic plateau makes it difficult to
take upper gastrointestinal bleeding in our context.
Keywords : Upper gastrointestinal bleeding • Epidemiology • Aetiologies • Mortality •
gastroenterology and internal medicine department University Hospital of Brazzaville

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