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Modified Montmorillonite Clay: A cheap, efficient and reusable catalyst for solvent free isomerization of carvone to carvacrol

Jyoti Patial a, Bashir Ahmad Dara, Parveen Sharmaa, Kushal Bindua, Baldev Singh*a
Page No. 1-7


The catalytic isomerisation of carvone with montmorillonite further modified by SO4
2- ions was
studied in liquid phase system. The conversion of carvone was 99% with 90 to 99% selectivity
towards carvacrol. The reaction is conducted without solvent at moderate temperature with
reaction times 90mins. The structural and textural properties of the modified clays have been
determined by using NH3-TPD, X-ray diffraction and BET surface area.
Keywords: Sulfated; Carvone; Carvacrol; Montmorillonite.

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