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Himanshu Katara [1*], Anil Kumar Sharma[2]
Page No. 65-71


This study proposed a method of stabilizing and secure transmission of a video. A stable yield
feature will be achieved without the impact of nervous that brought about by shaking the handheld
cam feature recording. Firstly, notable focuses from every edge from the information feature is
distinguished and transformed took after by enhancing and settle the feature. Enhancement
incorporates the nature of the feature adjustment and less unallied range after the methodology of
adjustment [1]. The yield of utilizing such technique demonstrates great result regarding
adjustment and disposed of contortion from the yield features recorded in distinctive circumstances
[4]. Beginning results demonstrates that the proposed method is suitable to be utilized and give
extraordinary arrangement of adjustment.While steganography is characterized as the investigation
of undetectable correspondence [7]. It keeps up mystery between two conveying gatherings. In
picture steganography, mystery is accomplished by installing information into spread picture and
creating a stego-picture.
Keywords: image processing, video stabilization, point feature matching, salient points, image
quality measurement, Steganography, Cryptography.

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