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Durability of high –belite sulfate resisting cement pastes in MgSO4 solution

H. El-Didamony[1a], A. Radwan[1b], I. Khattab[2], E.A. El-Alfi[3] , Mona S. Mohammed[4]
Page No 41-51


The influence of 4% MgSO4 solution on the durability of the sulfate resisting cement (SRC) pastes
with different ratios of belite up to 9 months was studied. The relative resistance of hardened
cement pastes against the aggressive solution was assessed by determining the compressive
strength, free lime, bulk density, apparent porosity, total sulphate and the hydration products with
the aid of TGA, XRD, SEM and IR spectroscopy. It was found that the chemically combined water,
free lime and total sulphate contents decrease with increasing belite content. The SEM shows that,
SRC pastes with higher ratio of belite showed good resistance in aggressive media compared to
other cements.
Keywords: Sulfate resistance cement, Belite, Alite, Durability

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