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Preliminary Assessment of Air and Sound Quality in Ariaria Market, Aba, Southeastern Nigeria

Nwankwoala, H.O[1] and Obioha, S.C[2]
Page No. 18-26


This study aims at assessing the air and sound quality of the Ariaria International Market, Aba, in
South-Eastern Nigeria. As a first step, the study involved going to the market, studying the layout
and mapping out different sections according to type of human activity, vehicular movement and
expected type of pollutant. The busiest days of the market were chosen to carry out the field work.
Hand-held tools (Cole-Parmer Extec sound level meter, Aerosol Mass Monitor and IBRID MX6
Multi-Gas monitor) were used to measure pre-determined pollutants. Results revealed that SO2
ranged from 0.00 ppm to 0.4ppm which is above the required limits of 0.1ppm and CO went up to
about 32ppm, above the required limits of 20ppm. The noise level was up to 94.4 DbA which was
above the FEPA standards. Pollution patterns and levels are linked to the type and levels of human
activity. It is recommended that an agency be set up to monitor the quality of the environment
around areas of dense human activities such as markets and enforce environmentally friendly
practices by traders and buyers within the market and surrounding regions. In addition, vehicular
traffic be managed efficiently to reduce emissions.
Keywords: Air quality, Noise, sound, pollutants, Aba, Nigeria

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