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Preparation of Chrysanthemum mechanical and thermal properties of
Ricinoleic acid polypropylene composites

A.U.Santhoskumar, N. Jayachitra
Page No. 1-6


The work has to develop polypropylene mixed with Ricinoleic acid (1%) for the purpose of
compatible into the chrysanthemum filler, using renewable bio resources. Chrysanthemum flower
petals are used as natural filler. They are relatively inexpensive and abundantly available in nature.
The waste management were collected the wasted. Chrysanthemum fibers have been reinforced with
Ricinoleic acid Polypropylene (RPP) biocomposites. The mechanical and thermal studies were
carried out to evaluate the effect of filler content on RPP. The tensile properties increase with an
increase in the filler content at optimum level 7.5% by weight. The tensile property of treated
composites shows a higher value than neat RPP matrix. Impact strength increases up to 7.5% by
Keywords: Chrysanthemum , RPP , Biocomposites, Maleic anhydride

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